A social activist, Bello produced her own girls’s well being system, We Advance, in Port-au-Prince, where she also supports a pediatric hospital, St. Damian and a new college undertaking for earthquake victims.

After she discovered Jacmel she bought land with two Haitian partners and is constructing a beachfront eco-lodge on Cabique beach, a sandy, palm-lined half moon bay a few miles east of Jacmel.

In connection to a post written at New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/style/a-night-out-with-one-of-miamis-night-life-boosters.html?_r=0

It was a typical hot Miami Beach night, but inside of the very chic Villa Azur things were just warming up as a perfectly shaped model walked around in a stunning evening gown and feathered headdress. She had no problem drawing attention her way, but two suited diners sitting close to her didn’t even notice her as she shimmied by. These two developers were too busy talking about how they were going to continue to keep this resort town on the map. Moishe Mana commented that they were focused on creating a movement in Miami Beach and no pretty girls were going to distract them from their goal.

Mana founded Moishe’s Moving and Storage, but now he has his eyes on a bigger project. In the last several months he completed his purchase of a large piece of property in Miami’s Wynwood art district and is working with Michael Capponi to help breathe new life into the area. Cappponi (@michaelcapponi) is a 42 year old native of the Miami Beach nightlife known for his humanitarian work and as a developer. Of course, years ago he was also known as a modelizer, but he just shrugs it off today and says that everyone has made some mistakes.

Capponi paused for a second to gloat about the Villa Azur which is a hot spot in Miami Beach, and also happens to be constructed by Capponi and his partner Gary Shear. It is regularly host to plenty of power diners and according to Capponi they built it up from scratch and took them four months to create. He spends his time now promoting South Beach as the hip place to be with plenty of top notch clubs such as Set and the Force, LIV, and Mansion. Back in the day Set and the Forge used to be a haven for all types of stars from Richard Burton to Frank Sinatra and at one point even Richard Nixon.

Michael Grieco, a commissioner for Miami Beach, was the next to speak stating that they are raising the sea wall so that investors know that the beach will hold its value even against the doomsayers that predict that Miami Beach is going to be submerged in water. Capponi nodded his approval and then went on to state that he believes that Falver Street will soon be the hottest spot in Miami which buddy Mana just purchased a huge lot within. It’s a boys club, but the boys of Miami Beach certainly radiated confidence and good will.